I can’t help but feel like Black Widow is really getting a raw deal in The Avengers marketing…. She’s got the worst money shot in the teaser trailer, there’s no indication she plays much of an important role, and her stunt poses are transparent attempts at capitalizing not on how badass she is, but just her ass. Period. I’m sure things are better in the script and the actual film, but the PR department has no shame.

Case in point, the two new banners that premiered today on Yahoo! and Moviefon respectively.

Okay yeah, of course she’s going to show up in the second tier-banner, but did you really have to put her in the blatant ass-first pose?

I’ve never been diagnosed with OCD, but I do have some serious design tweakiness when it comes to something like this. First we have a series of posters that’s clearly supposed to be a set of like-posed character one-sheets. What bothers is me is that five out of the eight are in pretty much the same pose, or are composed the same way (even ass-shot kind of fits). But what is the subtext of Captain America being in a throwing pose, and Nick Fury being reversed? Design-wise I see that the first poster leads each banner off with a contrasting compostion followed by three visually alliterative shots, but dammit that makes the villain of the movie fall in line with the hero’s pose! And shouldn’t Iron Man be leading the main hero banner? And finally, worse of all, all the main heroes aren’t even photoshopped to an equal degree!

These are the dumb fucking things that nag at me for as long as I care to look, so I’ll stop.

Either way, back to enjoying the marketing to a big geek event, and finger crossing for another trailer…

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