ninKevin Smith hit Australia to promote the bankrupting of his creativity, Clerks II, and the  boys at Moviehole got him to talk about his upcoming horror film. Apparently the whole movie will be made up of Smith’s wife kissing Brian O’Halloran. That’s the only conclusion I can draw when Smith says the movie will be “creepy and unsettling more than gore.” And there’s been nothing more creepy and unsettling on screens this year  than that Clerks II swing set make out.

I think the title of this article really lets you know where I’m coming from in terms of actually expecting Smith to make this movie, but if he does get around to making it, going for creepy is bad news. The guy’s just not that great a director – he jokes about it, but it’s true. Clerks II has some moments but it’s mostly inert. An atmospheric, creepy horror movie needs a sure eye; a straight up slasher film needs a good FX guy. Smith is better off doing a standard slasher movie.

Again, of course, I don’t think the horror film will ever happen. It’ll end up in the discarded bin along with every other movie that falls slightly outside of Smith’s comfort zone. And his fans will be just as happy to get Mallrats 2: Closin’ Time in 2008.