You don’t often see a bold green MPAA ratings badge for a film with an NC-17 rating on it, but Fox Searchlight is determined to push hard for their extremely well-received adult drama Shame, starring Michael Fassbender. This new trailer doesn’t obfuscate the subject matter at all, and fills the trailer with nothing but moments of seduction and sex. Of course, it’s still a green-band trailer (hosted on prudish ole Apple), so don’t expect a full peepshow. And for all the emphasis on the erotic, a few pointed shots, lines, and escaped bits of sound design (not to mention a lovely reveal of Carey Mulligan) speak volumes about the kind of dramatic heaviness that will come with all this hot, A-list fuckin’.

Notice the pull-quotes specifically evoke Last Tango In Paris and Midnight Cowboy, as if to assure the art house crowd that’s its okay to come out for the X-rated film… it’s a classy one!

I’m very eager to see this film, and if it’s half as good as has been said by so many critics then I hope this undeterred campaign from the studio works out. We need more films empowered to tackle intense subject matter without fear of pissing off the newspapers, theater landlords, and other useless relics of a bygone era.

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