There’s some confusion out there across online film sites as news has spead that Sharon Stone recently confirmed her involvement in an upcoming Linda Lovelace biopic. But which one? Everything traces back to an AP article about the star’s more humanitarian efforts for returning veterans and in that article the mention of her taking on the role of Lovelace’s mother is very brief and lacks any further details. At this point though, it is clearly stated that Lovelace is the project Stone’s signed onto, which is the Amanda Seyfried-starring film that seems to be picking up momentum of late.

It’s been more widely reported that she’s joining the cast of Inferno, the other biopic covering Lovelace’s very depressing story of abuse and fame but, in what may be a case of AP updating a mistake, it now definitely has Stone joining “Lovelace.”

Regardless, this will see Stone joining a controversial project sure to catch attention, which will be quite the contrast with her mostly under-the-radar work for the last few years (including a repeating guest spot on Law & Order: SUV of all things). It’s an interesting choice for Stone, who very much sealed her 90s A-list stardom with two well-timed spreads: one in Playboy alongside the release of Total Recall, and another in Verhoeven’s Basic Instinct. She’ll now play the mother of Linda Lovelace, who shot to mainstream stardom by acting in a hardcore porn film, Deep Throat, that garnered unlikely succcess in the public sphere and high society. What the role entails is hard to guess as there isn’t a ton of easily accessed info out there about Lovelace’s mother, expect than she had a hand in convincing the actress to give up her first child to adoption. There’s also the general sense that  Lovelace’s childhood was not a happy one. Perhaps I’ll pick up one of the many biographies and autobiographies that tell the Deep Throat story and find out what Stone might be up to.

We’ll see if AP pulls another switch with which project Stone is in, so keep an eye out…

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