Elvis still alive? And if so, can he turn his hands into gleaming metal blades that can cut through almost everything? That’s the mystery at the core of Lonely Street, which begins filming in Los Angeles today.

Here’s the synopsis: The storyline follows ‘Bubba Mabry’ (Jay Mohr), a bumbling private dick hired by ‘JG’ (Mike Starr) and the man he’s protecting, ‘Mr. Aaron’ (Robert Patrick), who just might be the King of Rock & Roll who faked his death years ago and is now planning a comeback. Finkelman (Joe Mantegna), is first in line to plan the big event, having missed his chance back in 77′ when the King allegedly died. Bubba’s single task is to keep an over zealous tabloid reporter from getting to Mr. Aaron. Instead Bubba ends up getting framed for murder and chasing his tail through the streets of Albuquerque after Mr. Aaron and JG, his only alibis, skip town.

The film is written and directed by Peter Ettinger, an editor making his feature writing and directing debut. Lonely Street is based on the first novel in a series by Steve Brewer, and it’s being described as in the vein of Raising Arizona. Don’t look at me to validate that, but Raising Arizona’s a pretty high bar to set for yourself.

That bar could be met with one heckuva cast, at least where CHUD readers are concerned. Look at these names: Nikki Cox! Paul Rodriguez! And Ernie Hudson! I’m actually sort of surprised that Rodriguez is still alive. Good for him. Also, I think this might be one of the rare time Mike Starr gets top billing on anything besides his license. Good for him too.