Universal’s genre subsection Rogue Pictures is really getting into comics – they’ve already got the horror book Hack/Slash in feature development thanks to producers Daniel Alter and Adrian Askariah, and those same guys have now brought them Devil’s Due’s WWII action title Lost Squad.

I haven’t read the series yet since I’m a “trade waiter” (or “trade traitor”, depending on which comic fans and/or publishers you talk to), holding out for the entire arc to be collected in one nifty volume, but here’s a very marketable-sounding blurb direct from the Devil’s Due site:

When a mission is too weird for the U.S. Army, the brass calls in the Lost Squad! It’s 1942 – and the seemingly unstoppable Wehrmacht is on the march. As the Nazis swallow more and more of Europe, Hitler’s scientists perfect a mechanism that could guarantee his ultimate victory! The US Army has only one place to turn to stop this from happening: the mysterious unit known as the Lost Squad! It’s the Dirty Dozen by way of the X-Files – weird war tales created for a new audience!

You had me at Dirty Dozen.

Alter and Askarieh are pretty skilled at sniffing out these high-concept properties – they also have a movie adaptation of the Hitman assassin-simulator videogame series on the way, among a few dozen other projects.