I, like many of you, love Bill Nighy. To me he sits on the spectrum between a Gary Oldman and an Ian McKellan, as he has more of an innate touch of royalty and haughtiness than Oldman, and yet feels much more at home in… less elevated material than McKellen. Such is the reason we see Nighy pop up in films like I, Frankenstein, for which he is apparently in talks to take on the bad guy role.

The problem with Nighy is that his presence is not necessarily an indication of quality… for every Shaun of the Dead there’s an entire Underworld franchise, and while he is often the best thing in his films (see Pirates 2) that doesn’t always mean the films themselves will be worth a shit. All of this to say Nighy being in talks for I, Frankenstein in no way assuages my fear that we’ve got another big-budget Legion/Priest/Underworld flick on the way with more cheap, melodramatic gothic-action on the way.

Assuming he takes on demonic role being offered, it will put him opposite Aaron Eckhart playing Frankenstein’s monster. Nighy will be after the creature with the intentions of cracking the secret of his creation, as he has designs on raising an undead army of demons once he discovers what stitching pattern Frankenstein used to sew all those organs together. Nighy would be backed by the Socratis Otto as his main henchdemon that actively pursues the creature.

Socratis… that’s the coolest name I’ve heard all week.

In any event, the film marches along and we can now look forward to a good bit of villainous scenery chewing, at the very least.

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Source | Variety (via Screenrant)