’s been announced that The 4400, the show about a bunch of UFO abductee types returning to Earth with strange powers, has been renewed for a fourth season. I was sent the first couple of episodes on DVD and hated the shit out of them. It seemed like a wannabe X-Files with cheesy superheroes. But lately while watching Law & Order reruns, when I am not so good with the fast forward on my TiVo, I catch 4400 commercials, and some of the stuff that they’re teasing on the show – including the weird, Manson-like 4400 messiah – has piqued my interest.

So here’s what I’m going to do – I want you to send me emails explaining why I should be watching The 4400. Remember, I despise most science fiction on TV, so comparing it favorably to something like Stargate or Farscape is a waste of time. I’ll print up the best letters in a special Shout at the Devil column. No prizes, but this could be your change to proselytize for a show that you like – I bet a large number of our readers are like me and don’t watch this show.

Send your emails to I’ll run the best ones next week!