Parker and Matt Stone are coming back to live action films for the first time in years. They have two new movies lined up, one of which sounds like it’s got a real shot at being a classic.

The first of the two is My All-American, a high school comedy, which should be interesting from their perspective. But the one that I’m really excited about is Giant Monsters Attack Japan!, and not just because it boasts a JF Lawton (!) script – the plan is to make this movie (which is about exactly what the title would indicate) using old fashioned man in suit technology.

Parker is going to direct both films while Stone will produce, and they’ll both work with the writers to punch up the scripts and make them more their own. "We learned from the last two films that these can’t all be self-generated," Stone said. "Trey and I are script whores, so we’ll be very involved in shaping these projects. We’ve averaged a movie every five years. We’d like to make more and produce films that give other directors a chance."

The duo is aware that shooting a live action film might bring some challenges unique to them: “Neither of these movies feel like vehicles for big stars, but this will be our opportunity to find out if there are any actors left who want to work with us," Stone said. I can assure them that a couple of the celebs they’ve skewered are good sports about it – one of my treasured possessions is a recording of Matt Damon barking "MATT DAMON!" at the Syriana press day.