UK star Russell Brand hasn’t exactly had a linear road to stardom in the states, with a lot of gigs and energy put behind him based on his fame across the pond before he had much traction over here. I’d say the effort has paid off as Brand has become –for better or for worse, organically or by means of consistent manufactured presence– a brand in the US, and one that keeps fostering deals. The latest is the purchase of a script by Warner Brothers from Matt Pourtnoy called The President Stole My Girlfriend, based on an idea developed within the studio by Brand, who claims it was inspired by his poor choice to invite Warner Brothers head Jeff Robinov to dinner.

The President character is an interesting casting opportunity, and I’ll be interested to see a film that puts Brand on the losing end of the romantic spectrum (without making him a lovable man-child at least). There aren’t many other details known, but this joins a roster of other major projects Brand is behind or involved with including Diablo Cody’s directorial debut in which he’ll play the lead role, as well as Rock of Ages, which of course went through an extended and well-covered casting process.

I’ve covered Brand’s divisive nature before and I remain firmly on the side that enjoys his presence in movies, and his work as a stand-up. That’s definitely not the case for everyone though, so interest in this project is sure to vary.

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Source | THR