’m a Zorak guy myself, but few can dispute the fun and manic work of his peer Brak from the Space Ghost universe. Oddly enough, Brak was the one who got his own spin-off show.

Season Two of said show is on DVD and we have a handful of them with your name on it.

You know, if you win.

Old fave CHUD DVD reviewer Justin Granzin (we miss you man) loved Season One right here, so I can only expect that the follow-up is just as good if not better.

I started a message board thread devoted to pictures of childhood toys we miss and the resulting collection has been both nostalgic, sad, and oddly beautiful. What I want you guys to do is send me links to amazing Ebay auctions of great toys or antiques or flashbacks down Memory Lane from your childhood. It can be a Herculoid VHS, a battery powered ass plug, or moon dust, just so long as it’s a current auction and it’s fun. Just use the link below and don’t forget to include your mailing address. Just so you know, if either part of that equation is not included, the email will be sent spiraling into the abyss. Good luck!