Fingers crossed, as long as they aren't planning "LEGO: Night & Fog."

A movie based on the hugely popular Lego brand has been in development for years between Warner Brothers and the very-protective Danish company, but now a greenlight has finally been announced, according to Variety. We’ve only been able to guess at the approach to a LEGO-story the producers might take, and that mostly remains the case as the only new details on the live-action/animation hybrid is that 80% of the animation involved will be of LEGO, and that much of the “action-adventure [is] set in the the Lego world.” Does this imply a meta-story where the real world interacts with magically-brought-to-life LEGO creations, like a block-based Jumanji? Or will they go the ultra-80s/90s TV route and have a human character sucked into a world of LEGO? Probably something close to the latter, but who knows what they’ve cooked up.

When I last covered it the film was being written by an unkown pair of screenwriters, but last year writing and directing duties were handed off to Phil Lord and Christopher Miller (Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs) along with new addition Chris McKay, a Robot Chicken alum. It’s not 100% clear if McKay is directing along with Lord and Miller or if he’ll be filling something more specific, like an “animation director” position.

Lego could definitely be a fun kids property if handled well, as easily as it could turn into another cheap Smurfs-like kid’s snorefest. I’m crossing my fingers for something that is inspiring and positive for kids, as I feel that’s the genuine spirit of the actual toy (especially before it became nothing but a corporate-franchise tie-in promo machine). The company certainly feels this way and supposedly the years spent developing the project were largely due to the parent company’s direct involvement. Meatballs has a pretty good reputation as far as non-Pixar CG animation goes, so fingers crossed Lord and Miller are the right guys to piece this project together.

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