I think even the most unfamiliar filmgoers have read a synopsis or two for the Hunger Games series by now, but a paragraph that pretty much describes Battle Royale with some districts thrown in does not an international phenomenon explain. I’m not sure this full trailer for the film does much to justify the huge hopes being hung on the franchise that it will be the next Potter or Twilight, but it does at least show this isn’t going to be an irritatingly stupid set of movies to hear about for years to come. I don’t know that I’m sold on this being more interesting than, again, something like Battle Royale, but it’s at least more thought-provoking material to be selling to young people.

I do like that part of the way the film sells “the future” is with crazy beard.

So Hunger Games fans, does this look like the film you’d been hoping for? And for those unfamiliar, does this do anything to convert you?

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