I’ve seen a fair amount of intense venom being thrown at The Iron Lady, long before even this trailer arrived to give us a decent look at the film. Its very existence disgusts many people: people who find it unacceptable for such a figure to be painted with shades of gray, but that’s how movies, stories, and life work, so here we are.

One thing that is clear form this brief UK trailer for the film is that we’re not watching The Prime Minister’s Speech, with a white-washed interpretation of Thatcher. While the orchestral strings and interstitials can’t help themselves but to keep up the usual weepy “extraordinary story” shit of biopic trailers, what I see here is a pretty frank telling of events that do take the perspective of the figure in question, but is laying out her actions plainly. What I see teased is more a political Aquirre: Wrath of God than an inspirational tale of right-wing girl power, and it isn’t shying away from the fucked up shit she did, nor is it romanticizing the “iron” fist with which she did much of it.

So while some will remain disgusted by any presentation of Thatcher as anything other than a villainous cartoon with a devil ears and a red pitchfork, I think it’s clear that there might be a complex, interesting story to be told here- a story from which one can draw what are, in many cases, the obvious moral conclusions from Thatcher’s actions.

Ultimately if you can make Downfall, you can make The Iron Lady.

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