Puzzle #4 is, I think, the most difficult one yet. I’ve stepped it up on the clues. Some of them are downright evil. But fair.Always fair. Or some of them may
be really, stupidly easy … you never know.Am I messing with your brain, or being really straight-forward knowing
you’ll THINK I’m messing with your brain?This is the same type of puzzle as the first two Crypto-O-Grams. Answer the clues, transfer the letters to
their appropriate place in the quote.Complete words in the quote, and transfer the letters into the clues you
haven’t answered yet.

There are extraneous letters in the clues this time,
too. These don’t fit into the quote, and
are designated by an asterisk. This time
these letters can be unscrambled to spell the name of the CHARACTER who spoke
the quoted line. Place that name in THIS

The quote:

“1’-2-3…. 4-5-6-7…. 8-9-10…. 11-12-13 ….14 ….15-16-17’-18 ….19-20-21 ….22-23 24-25-26-27 ….28-29-30 ….31-32-33-34-35-36. 37-38-39-40-41-42-43 ….44-45-46’-47-48 ….49-50-51-52-53-54-55 ….56-57-58-59-60-61.”

The clues:

1. Rodent
from the night (6-letters):60-1-18-52-7-48

2. Danny
and the deep blue sea (5-letters):*-15-38-50-17

3. Support
for Chrissie (4-letters): 37-20-45-*

4. Opposite
from Zemeckis (5-letters): 23-58-2-53-47

5. How
Goldblum saved the world (6-letters):41-31-3-33-16-55

6. The
fly made this change (6-letters):49-10-21-26-35-57

7. Woody’s
new location (4-letters): 8-29-54-*

8. Part
of what singer took from


(5-letters): 22-42-30-40-6

9. Made
Riddick see the way he does (5-letters):4-24-9-27-13

10. Cujo
beginning (5-letters): 19-46-34-56-44

11. Leslie
Nielson and George Kennedy have appeared in this kind of show (5-letters): 39-*-5-32-59

12. Leguizamo’s
age (3-letters): 14-*-36

13. At the end
of the universe in Contact (3-letters):43-28-61

14. How Dorothy
got home (4-letters): 11-25-51-12

The answers to Crypt-O-Gram #3:

Row 1. DiCaprio
Disaster – TITANIC

Row 2. Keanu Bombs –

Row 3. Bruce Shark —

Row 4. Shower Mother

Row 5. Roman Rebel —

Row 6. Jamie Oscar –

Row 7. Stars Joker —

Row 8.




Row 9. Ground Aliens

Row 10. Foster Signal

Column “E” title – ADAPTATION