The poster for Martin Scorsese’s new movie, The Departed is here, and while I sort of like it (and sort of don’t like it), one thing I notice is that Scorsese’s name is in tiny print. It’s even smaller than his name on the Gangs of New York poster, which I thought was pretty durn small. I guess Warner Bros figures they’re selling this one on the stars, but don’t you think some idea that this is Scorsese returning to crime films would get people interested?

The poster design itself is interesting – it’s like a compromise between floating heads and something artier. I like the way the title is broken up, which is probably something you’re usually whipped for in the studio graphic design departments.

The Departed, inspired by the Hong Kong cop film Infernal Affairs, opens October 6.

*No, you’re not nuts. The title did change. I wasn’t thinking and I used Wherefore, which means "Why," to mean just "Where." Yes, I am stupid. Thanks to all the people who never write in with fun or nice feedback who took the time to correct me.