never played Flatout. I thought it was a French game, pronounced "Flatooo". Actually, I was knee deep in Need for Speed Underground and Burnout incarnations to give another racing game the time of day. Then I heard about the "Ragdoll Olympic" aspect to the game and was immediately thrilled to play the sequel. Of course, I got the sequel and three weeks later was asked to do a contest. Such is the existence of a fool.

The game is fun, and although I suck, there’s nothing quite like launching the driver of a car high into the sky so a giant baseball bat can smack him into the bleachers.

And the racing’s great too!

But, selfishly, I like to launch men out of cars. It’s what I do. Flatout 2 does it in spades, so if you need a bad ass party game and have the old black brick of an XBOX we all know and love, perhaps this is the contest for you. Here’s how to attempt to snag a copy of the game from Bugbear Games, not to be confused with Ochre Jelly Games…

If you’re a MySpace member, add CHUD and myself to your friend’s list. We’ll approve you. Once you have been approved, send us a link with your friends list with us in the "top friends" bracket along with your mailing address.

If you’re not a MySpace member, then please send me a poem about launching men from automobiles. I expect brilliance. Please include your mailing address. Oh, and please use the link below.