Roth is gearing up Hostel 2, which will pick up moments after the first film ended. This time the movie will focus on a trio of girls seeing the sites in Europe until they get sliced and diced by nasty and sadistic rich dudes. Jay Hernandez, the broken hero of the first Hostel, will be returning, although in what capacity we just don’t know yet.

So who will be the leads in this film? Roth has picked three interesting women: former Almost Famous Band-Aid and all around hottie Bijou Phillips, Texas Chainsaw remake victim Lauren German and… Welcome to the Dollhouse star Heather Matarazzo.

I’ll be frank here – Matarazzo didn’t end up being one of those girls who turned into the swan. Being a less than devastatingly handsome guy myself (just a little less), I feel bad saying that, but it seems like this could be important. And I bet she has a great personality! Matarazzo plays misfits, nerds and outsiders still, and I doubt Roth is casting her as the queen of this little group. In fact, the Hollywood Reporter confirms that Dawn Wiener is just tagging along with German, playing a rich girl trying to figure out her life and Phillips, playing the best friend (and possible lesbian lover? Please Eli, please?)

The question is, does Roth make the nerd the survivor in this one, or does he take her out? My bet is that he does something similar to Hostel, where he builds Matarazzo as the possible heroine and then offs her. Of course he could be very well aware that we’re second guessing him… Damn you and your wiley casting, Roth!