It’s been said that Inception has been written off by the studios as a one-off Nolan success, and they decidedly won’t be making creative decision based on the response. They’re damn sure reappropriating its marketing though, as evidence by this epic fantasy film doing its damnedest to look like a reality-bending fantasy film while employing one of the most shameless rip-offs of Zimmer’s score I’ve yet heard. That’s not to say it’s not effective… the film looks much more visually interesting and dynamic than I expected, and Theron seems to be having fun. The battle sequences looks fairly slick, the mirror dude is cool, there’s a big awesome monster in there and few other bits caught my eye as well, though that screaming crow at the beginning forced me to restart the trailer I was chuckling so much.

The casting is admittedly pretty good for the film, and as far as a gritty, blockbuster fantasy films go… it doesn’t have the murky smear of terrible CGI or infuriatingly precious layer of quirk over top it like Alice In Wonderland, the film that clearly got this fairy tale train rolling at the studios. It’s clearly self-serious, but I’m not dreading this one. Maybe the battle between it and Tarsem’s version isn’t quite so cut and dry.

Are you surprised to be impressed, or does it look as lame as you might have expected?

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