we all wait patiently for Rattan Gentleman, Neil Labute’s The Wicker Man will just have to do. As everyone knows, this is a remake of the Pagan cult classic starring Edward Woodward (TV’s The Equalizer) and Christopher Lee (TV’s Count Dooku) with Nicolas Cage and Ellen Burstyn playing hero and villain, respectively.

It’s an odd and warming choice to have Mormon fave Labute helming a horror flick after so many years ripping layer after emotional layer off of his protagonists in his brand of relationship drama. It’s a sign that sometimes it’s cool to think outside the box. Especially if the box is on fire with a hero in it.

I’m excited about this flick because I know that Labute has his head screwed on right and that at the very worst it’s going to be an interesting and uncompromising take on the story of cultish behavior and dangerous and creepy village folk. At the very best it will be the best film ever made, including Klute.

If you live in Atlanta and want to see this sucker before the rest of mankind and for free, pop a SASE in the mail to:

The Wicker Man
4915 Camberbridge Dr.
Alpharetta, GA. 30022

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