just came from the DVD store (seriously, how can J&R Music World
not have the 2-disc V For Vendetta yet? It’s been sold out since day
one) and I didn’t notice this film on the shelves, but I know I would
have made an impulse buy if I had. After all, it stars Sam Rockwell,
Steve Zahn and Paul Giamatti – now that’s a cast. And I think they all
made before they were really Sam Rockwell, Steve Zahn and Paul
Giamatti, if you get what I mean. Oh shit, and Peter Dinklage is in it

The film is Safe Men. How did I miss this movie? Here’s the synopsis:

the first time on DVD, from comic filmmaker John Hamburg (Meet the
Parents, Zoolander, Along Came Polly, Meet the Fockers) comes this
offbeat tale of inept lounge singers Sam (Sam Rockwell – Matchstick
Men) and Eddie (Steve Zahn – Out of Sight), who find themselves
breaking into the burglary biz when a low-level mobster (Paul Giamatti
– Sideways) mistakes them for the best safecrackers in town.

what do you know. Sounds like a movie I would enjoy. I may very well
click here and buy it through CHUD.com. (Boy, I bet not knowing this
film before now is costing me a bunch of cred) If you’re considering
doing the same, check out this clip from the film – it may convince you
to pick this DVD (which includes commentary by Rockwell, Zahn and
Hamburg) up. The clip’s embedded below – give it a second to load.