’s something that almost never happens: I have friends calling me up and telling me I have to go see Little Miss Sunshine, that I’ll love it. It’s not that my friends don’t recommend things to me, it’s just that usually I see movies weeks or even months before they do, and so I’m always telling them what to see.

Everybody loves Little Miss Sunshine, and here I am, not having seen it yet. It’s so embarrassing. I just missed the screenings – it happens sometimes. This week I’ll catch it at a theater and see what all the love is about – and there’s a good chance you can too.

All too often the little movies that get all the buzz never expand outside the top 20 markets, but Little Miss Sunshine is a bona fide hit (Steve Carrell, that’s the sound of your quote going up!), and it’s going to be busting out to 620 theaters this Friday, and 1500 by the 25th. That’s an honest to God wide release. This has to make Fox Searchlight happy – the film was one of the most expensive (if not the most expensive) Sundance acquisitions of all time. With almost 6 million in the bank already, Searchlight should be seeing a big profit on this one.

Check your local theaters to see when this one is coming to you, and keep checking back to CHUD to see my eventual review.