, 21st century. The wonders you continue to give us. Wonders such as X-Treme fishing. That’s what Mike Iaconelli does, and it’s made him the hip hop star of the professional bass fishing circuit. Oh, 20th century. How kind of you to give us professional fucking sport fishing.

Iaconelli wrote a memoir, Fishing on the Edge, and now it’s being made into a movie. Iaconelli is not just unique in the world of bass fishing because of his tattoos and his “power” fishing style, but also because he’s a college boy from New Jersey. I guess most of your professional fisherman are good ol’ boys from the South.

The movie will follow Iaconelli from his childhood in New Jersey, where he was just another wop who had a secret love of baiting hooks, all the way through his senses shattering victory at the 2003 Citgo Bassmaster Classic. It should be real edge of your seat stuff.

Fishing on the Edge is being made at Fox Atomic, the studio’s new teen-branded arm, so expect lots of blasting nu-metal and shitty hip hop along with Dramamine-demanding editing and camera work.

By the way, is it just me or do you think that if Zach Braff butched up a little he could play Iaconelli?