As if you really needed any confirmation that Warner Brothers would indeed be releasing another Batman prologue to promote the Dark Knight’s next outing, how about a cut-and-dry, black-and-white appearance of “Dark Knight Rises: Prologue, The” on the most recent ratings bulletin from the MPAA?

As you would well expect, the “short subject” submitted glimpse received a PG-13 for “some violence.”

The bulletin doesn’t confirm the exact runtime of the prologue, which was originally expected to be 8 minutes before the rumors were amended to something closer to 6 minutes.

If you can’t wait the month or so till the December 16th release of the prologue on (70mm?) IMAX screens with Mission: Impossible 4, then there is now a way to participate in the film a bit between here and release… you can chant for Hans Zimmer’s score.

Through, Zimmer has put out a call for recordings of people chanting along with the ominous chorus that has appeared in promo materials so far. You can do so on the site, where it also has an example of the chanting you can listen to. It sounds the same as it did in the viral materials and teaser trailer, with a group yelling what sounds like “deshi deshi bashara bashara.” I’ve seen out-of-ass theories elsewhere that this chant is Moroccan and means “he rises,” but that sounds like bullshit to me.

Regardless, you can get your (highly processed) waveforms included in the film by going to the site and clicking the record button…

There’s also a ton of new repetitious shots of mass fighting, with Bane and Batman squaring off again. It’s all the same as has been out there for months, lots of meme material, with none of it looking as it actually will on film. Go forth and enjoy if that’s your thing, and you haven’t done so already.

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(via Scott Mendelson)