Apparently MGM has a fever for more movies aimed at early-teen boys, and Adam Green will be the one to provide with his adaptation of the young adult book Killer Pizza. The writer/director of the Hatchet franchise, Green managed to get his family script represented to MGM by Chris Colombus, and now they seem to be amidst a deal with the studio.

A change of pace though a family film might be for Green, the concept isn’t entirely outside of his wheelhouse, as you can see from the book’s synopsis…

Toby McGill dreams of becoming a world-famous chef, but up until now, his only experience has been watching the Food Network. When Toby lands a summer job at Killer Pizza, where pies like The Monstrosity and The Frankensausage are on the menu, things seem perfect. His coworkers, Annabel and Strobe, are cool, and Toby loves being part of a team. But none of them are prepared for what’s really going on at Killer Pizza: It’s a front for a monster-hunting organization!

Learning to cook pizzas is one thing, but killing hideously terrifying monsters? That’s a whole other story. Still, if Toby quits Killer Pizza, will monsters take over his town?

It’s funny that this kid’s flick could possibly be Green’s entryway into higher-budgeted studio films, as he’s mostly stuck around in the lower-budgeted, but freer world of indie horror. That, or this could just be a big check from a script sale that empowers Hatchet IV. We’ll see.

As for the genre itself, I’m surprised we don’t see more Goonies-like adventure stories for young teen boys, aside from exercises like Super 8. They’d be much cheaper than the superhero movies that service that market now, but maybe that’s just an old fashioned idea relegated to TV.

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Source | Deadline (via JoBlo)