Aside from I Am Number Four being just… just terrible, I have nothing against Jake Abel, and I wish him all the good luck in the world as he seems to be entering final negotiations on a film that may well make him a lasting star. He’s likely to be the target of much scorn though, as it looks like he’ll be one of the male leads in the next cinematic franchise based off of a Stephanie Meyer (Twilight, of course) book series.

This book is called The Host, and deals with body-snatching aliens, free will, and all kinds of other hard science fiction themes that by all accounts are wrapped up in another melodramatic tale of pre-destined love and many longing glances. I haven’t read it, but it’s entirely likely The Host was an effort from the author to break away from her Twilight mold. Perhaps the film, writen/directed by Andrew Niccol and starring the wonderful Saoirse Ronan, won’t be churned out through the marketing machine that has turned Twilight into a run-of-the-mill cash-in to a self-parodying abortion of hair/make-up/filmmaking that has no connection with reality. All that to say: maybe this won’t be Twilight with aliens.

But I have a strong hunch it will be.

If that’s the case, Mr. Abel might do well to prepare himself for the weird, potential road of trapper-keeper photoshoots and self-loathing that lies ahead. The same will be true for whoever is cast in the male lead opposite him, which could be Liam Hemsworth, Max Irons, Jai Courtney, or Kit Harington.

Good luck gentleman.

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