Judge’s experience on Office Space was incredibly negative, with the studio not getting the movie he delivered and essentially killing it like a Chinese family who finds themselves with a baby girl. Now he’s reliving that experience, as his next film, the unbelievably long-awaited Idiocracy, has been taken off the release schedule.

We were supposed to get it next month, but now it’s gone, and rumor has it that the thing will get a very limited theatrical release before being dumped straight to DVD. The film’s about a dimwitted guy who wakes up a thousand years in the future only to discover he’s now the smartest man alive, and while I don’t know how the film is (I don’t know anyone who has really seen it, although there have been two test screening reviews at Aint It Cool. Of course anyone who takes those kinds of mostly planted reviews at face value are certainly part of the Idiocracy themselves), it can’t be worse than almost anything else Fox or the other major studios put out.

My compadre Mr. Beaks wrote a very good piece about this film earlier in the week, before the disappearing release date come up. Head over to Collider and check it out – although you should be reading his stuff every day anyway.