don’t know what the video game Dead or Alive is about (and frankly, if it doesn’t feature you as Dennis Quaid, I don’t care), but I do know that it somehow involves busty girls playing volleyball. The fact that busty pixel girls playing volleyball so thoroughly excites the video game world makes me wonder about some of you guys. It’s like the people who buy Maxim or FHM – just be a man and get Hustler. They have actual penetration these days, you know.

For the folks who get sexually aroused by video games, the Dead or Alive movie seems likely to have you furiously pounding the pud right in the theater, if the clip “The Hollywood News” has acquired is any indication (by the way – why is there a “The” in the name of that site?). Click here to check out Holly Valance, clad only in a towel and a swarm of PG-13 ensuring CGI effects, kicking some ass.