trying to make these at least one a week. I need more letters to make
it happen but I also need email clients to treat all text equally and
not create these headaches where the text comes in different sizes and
colors and formats. It’s 2006 and still text is hated like I’m still in 1994. And here we go with the letters!


Mitch to the right.Kathy: In response to your critique of the newest
Dallas dvd release and, in particular, your comments on Linda Gray’s
Not sure what you mean by "ghoulish" but
Linda Gray is gorgeous from episode one and remains that way through the
entire series.
Even her drunk scenes in Season 8, in that
jail cell, have her looking better than any other woman to ever appear on
So if she turns "ghoulish" as you say then
I and every other female can only wish we could look that "ghoulish,"

Nick: Ghoulish may be a stretch. Bestial? Birthed from the Earth’s barren and haggard anus? I dunno, not a fan. Even when she wasn’t 900 years old. That’s just me, though.


Mitch to the right.Carl: Great review Nick. A little short. But, as you said,
let the movie speak for itself. I too put this in my top fifteen
comedies. It is one of the movies that made me fall in love with movies
back in the day. As did Roxanne. What has happenned to our boy Steve? I
love his older movies, and I love his very old stand up even more. He
has so much in him and I am afraid it may be too late. I think he tried
with Shopgirl, which was nice, but hardly up to his old standards. I
would love to see the old Steve back…..
The Three Mounties would be nice…… Right hand left
shoulder, Left hand right shoulder, Hands on hips, Pelvic thrust, In
unison "Eh!" Bob and Doug could do a cameo.
Just dreaming. Landis, Newman, and Short are not dead yet. Not sure about Chase. I know he is breathing, but…

Nick: I think Mr. Martin enjoys paying for cities in cash, hence his recent choices.

Ads Be Hated (SEND A LETTER)

Mitch to the right.Cliff: what is going on with chud?
i am clawing my eyes out at all the ads. if you need the money get meg made.
these gorilla nation ads will turn off chud regular readers like myself.
come on… chud is special becuase it’s not like all the other sites out
there. chud beakon of coolness went out for me today.

Nick: It’s 2006. Ads are a part of life on the web. Some campaigns are more aggressive than others but in the long run the sites are still free and they’re a small price to pay. Please don’t block the ads and don’t send the hate. They bother me too, but give a hairy gent a break.

Flags of our Fathers (SEND A LETTER)

Mitch to the right.Tracy: In regards to your article on Flags of Our Fathers, you had a
mistake. You say that the original flag raisers were never
photographed. They actually were. The commander of the Navy was on
Iwo that day and asked to have the flag that was raised. (A much
smaller flag) The C/O of the Marines on the island sent a runner to
get the flag and to give it to the C/O and not the commander, because
he felt it belonged to the marines and not the commander. He told the
runner to get a bigger flag to replace it. There are shots of the
original flag, the taking down of that flag, and then the raising on
the larger flag that is so famous.

BTW, the
photographer shot it on a whim, and just shot from the hip. He shot
one frame and it was as he was turning around and just shot. The shot
before and after had damage from a light leak, but somehow that picture
was ok. It was never meant to be used, it was seen as a throw-away,
but newspapers picked it up and ran with it.
Flags of Our Fathers the book is fascinating reading. Highly recommended.

Nick: Thanks! I have heard that the shot of Gary Coleman and Knight Rider happened the same way.


Mitch to the right.Pearce: Hey,
I am listening to Episode 9 made famous by Magneto’s footage fetish and
you said we should e-mail you if we were listening. I tried to
download the promised Episode 11, but it isn’t available via iTunes
despite the advertisement on CHUD today. I recently discovered the
Podcasts and I am so glad I did. This stuff is great and is becoming a
huge distraction from my studying. I mean where else can you get a PSA
about flying clansmen at our local
cineplex. Keep up the good work!

Nick: I know it’s up there now and as I type this, the brief but serviceable twelfth installment is being uploaded as well. There you go!


Mitch to the right.J. David: I am really very pleased with the amount of action on the site these
days. There seemed to be a bit of a lag there for a short while, which
has thankfully gone with the advent of the chud thinker, the CHUD
podcasts, more frequency to the leaks etc…

In my mind this site
has always been more honest and less pandering (to the studios) than
certain others. There is a genuine love for film by CHUD’s writers and
it’s fans on CHUD that you don’t really seem to find elsewhere on the
net, and that really shines through on your site and message boards.

Not sure if this a result of your return or not; but nevertheless, there it is.
really trying to suck your collective cocks, more of a handjob for the
work being done as of late and over the last seven or so years I’ve
been coming here.

Much appreciated. I think credit goes to everyone but Devin, who has been slacking off these past two years.


Mitch to the right.Chris: The first time I was duped by the survival of Marc was in Wild Things…I thought that gator was gone kick his ass.

Good article. Bring on the love for Manny Perry!

Nick: Because of that article I now have a pipeline to Marc Macaulay!


Mitch to the right.Mark: I once worked at a coffee shop in Chicago (Caribou) where we would write daily
questions on the menu board. If the customer answered correctly, they got ten
cents off of their purchase.

One day we couldn’t come up with a good question so I
just wrote “C.H.U.D.” on the board. A few hours later, this very
straight laced girl comes up, orders a latte, looks at the board and says, “Cannibalistic
Humanoid Underground Dweller”.

I asked her, “How in the hell did you know that?”

Reflecting sadly, she replied, “That was my nickname
in high school.”

That was so fucking funny……a little sad but

Nick: She got the nickname for her efforts to alternately maim and fuck Daniel Stern.

Clerks Love (SEND A LETTER)

Mitch to the right.Robert:

I'm writing this as a plea to anyone who hasn't seen
Clerks 2 yet. Please see it. This is the funniest
film of the summer(unless someone videotaped Mel
Gibson's drunken arrest that is). Clerks 2 was
absolutely hilarious, profane, and even sentimental.
In essence, the exact opposite of just about every
'comedy' that hollywood's squeezed out of its browneye
for the past 15 years.

I could sit here all day and go on about why it's so
funny, but I'd rather say that this film deserves more
love and I know it sounds crass, but it should be more
successful than it is. I know it only cost $5
million, and that Kevin will be already be making a
mint off of it, but that's not the point.

The point I'm trying to make is that this is a
hilarious film that isn't getting the audience it
deserves due to the preconceived notion about Kevin
and his shortcomings(both real and imagined) as a
director. It's unfair to him and to anyone who loves

Nick: Glad you liked the poop.


Mitch to the right.Gregory: Not an editorial
request, but a website request: RSS feeds would be much


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