I’m happy to have caught this trailer for Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney before the day ended, because it’s always nice to have a reminder that anything can happen in the movies, including a classic Japanese director tackling a legal-based handheld video game.

It was only earlier this year that we learned Miike would be following up the fantastic 13 Assassins with Ace Attorney– naturally it’s barely six months later and the film is near completion. Nobody churns ‘em out like Takashi.

The trailer is a little dark and a touch more sluggish then I would expect from something like this, but there’s definitely hints of the kind of dynamic filmmaking and exploitation of whip pans, smash cuts, and motion graphics that we’ve seen in movies like Scott Pilgrim. It’s all applied to a courtroom/investigation story that has lawyers shouting, pointing, and hurling holograms at one another. Looks like a ton of fun. What do you think?

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(via Collider)