The life of Steve Jobs, in some form or another, is inevitably hurtling towards the big screen from a major studio, and yet it will still be a year or two before that project will be completed. That doesn’t mean you won’t be able to get your fix of Jobs in a movie theater much much sooner though, as Landmark is partnering with Robert Cringely to screen a 70-minute, 1996 interview with the tech titan in their theaters on November 16th and 17th.

While 10 minutes of the interview were integrated into a PBS documentary called Triumph of the Nerds: The Rise of Accidental Empires, the interview is for the most part a never-before-seen conversation between Jobs and Cringely conducted between the time that Jobs was fired from Apple, and before he sold NeXT back to them and came back on as CEO. By the timing of the interview and where it would seem to fall, this must be very shortly before Apple picked up NeXT, meaning Jobs must have known A) that his 2nd company was on a path of success, and B) that he might soon have the last laugh over the board of directors that expelled him. It’s said that the interview has plenty of the sharp, uncompromising thoughts about Apple, Microsoft, and other tech companies that Jobs was known for.

Regardless, this is an interesting opportunity for those interested in Jobs, as according to the LA Times the interview surfaced only because the director of the documentary, Paul Sen, found a VHS duplicate of the full interview and brought it up with Cringely (who had the idea of making some dough off of it). Considering the success of all things Jobs-related since his passing, I would expect th All of the original material has long since been lost. A quick conversion process has made the interview ready to screen, and you’ll be able to catch it at the following Landmark Theaters (via /Film):

ATLANTA, GA at the Midtown Art Cinema
BALTIMORE, MD at the Harbor East
BERKELEY, CA at the Shattuck Cinemas
BOSTON, MA at the Kendall Square Cinema
CHICAGO, IL at Landmark’s Century Centre Cinema
DALLAS, TX at The Magnolia
DENVER, CO at the Esquire Theatre
HOUSTON, TX at the River Oaks Theatre
INDIANAPOLIS, IN at the Keystone Art Cinema
LOS ANGELES, CA at the Regent Theatre
MILWAUKEE, WI at the Oriental Theatre
MINNEAPOLIS, MN at the Lagoon Cinema
NEW YORK, NY at the Sunshine Cinema
PALO ALTO, CA at the Aquarius Theatre
PHILADELPHIA, PA at the Ritz at the Bourse
SAN DIEGO, CA at the Hillcrest Cinemas
SAN FRANCISCO, CA at the Opera Plaza Cinema
SEATTLE, WA at the Metro Cinemas
WASHINGTON, DC at the E Street Cinema

There is more information and tickets available on the Landmark website.

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