The collaboration with Lou Reed and Metallica, Lulu, is certainly on track to grab a firm hold on a slot somewhere on the “most ridiculous vanity stunts in rock and roll history” lists, especially as they put it out in a time when it’s surface silliness is so easily chopped up and made memetic online. They’re just not going to win with this one, which would be more of a shame if the album wasn’t so horribly unpleasant to actually listen to.

Well now the disastrous partnership between two artistic entities is going to drag down yet another artist, and likely the most respected among them: Darren Aronofsky.

According to the Huffington Post this weekend, the director has signed on to produce a music video for what is admittedly one of the more listenable of the album’s tracks, Iced Honey, though I say that entirely relative to the rest of the LP:

There are no details about concept and no comments from Aronfosky himself, though he will be joined by his routine cinematographer Matthew Libatique for the San Francisco shoot. Laughably, Reed is crossing his fingers that the video will be Aronofsky’s “next Black Swan.”

There’s no real way to be excited for this: either Aronofsky attempts to sync up with the vision of these guys and produces an equally laughable video, or he elevates what he’s working with and we have some kind of amazing video saddled with shitty music. Neither is an option that gets me in gear.

I’ll just have to stick with a (tightly controlled) Lou Reed collaboration that did work…

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