Thanks to the magic of cinema, we’ve been privy to the underground (hence illegal) worlds of street racing, hand-to-hand combat, flesh trading, and even the wagering of luck itself (go put Intacto in your Netflix queue, pronto). So modern day gunfighting was probably inevitable, but certainly welcome.

Maverick Films is taking us into the realm of ballistic dueling with Shoot, which music vid/commercial guy Ron Krauss will direct from his script with Tom Hietter. Set in the contemporary world of underground quickdraw tournaments, the story follows a young slick trigger who wants a literal shot at the lethal competition’s undefeated champion. I don’t know how much depth this scenario provides (or if such a contest really exists), but this honestly sounds like an awesome idea.

This actually reminds me of a similar premise – someone needs to remake Seijun Suzuki’s ingenious and influential classic Branded to Kill (someone, that is, besides Suzuki himself, who already did a pseudo-update with the ponderous Pistol Opera). Even though it’s a delirious masterpiece, a fresh take on an ambitious assassin working through the professional killer rankings with his eyes on the “official” top slot could be genuinely intriguing. Roy Lee, are you reading this?