Above are my quick thoughts on The Muppets, which had a world premiere of sorts at the Savannah Film Festival. It played as the mystery “director’s choice” film last night to a uproarious audience. I liked the film, though it is far from perfect and may not please devout Muppets fans. For someone who grew up on touches here and there of the show and movies, it seemed like it was appropriately toned and the characters true to themselves. The human element wasn’t too obnoxious, and actually added a little bit of simple subtext, though this is certainly a Jason Segel Muppet fantasy movie. But at the end of the day, the movie is damn funny and has the self-effacing charm you would expect.

BTW, all these videos have been shot and cut by my good friend and DP extraordinaire, Dan Reed, so big thanks to him (help me say so @ him on twitter!).

This film hits theaters on November 23rd, 2011.

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