I take what they say and use it against them.  What I do is jujitsu. They say something ridiculous and I subject them to scorn and ridicule. That’s my job.
- Al Franken

Here’s a film that won’t play so well in the red states (we still have the red state/blue state divide, right? Even with Iraq going on forever and Bush’s approval ratings somewhere in the same area as Natalee Holloway’s EKGs?) – a documentary about Al Franken’s transition from political pundit to politician-to-be. Directed by the folks who brought us the very excellent The War Room, Al Franken: God Spoke follows Franken for two years, and through his feud with Bill O’Reilly and the 2004 election. Says the official synopsis:

From his USO tour in Iraq, to the studios of liberal radio network Air America and onto the campaign trail, filmmakers Nick Doob and Chris Hegedus are granted entré to one of the most effective political satirists of our time.  Franken fearlessly confronts pundits and politicians, blurring the boundaries between political satire and impassioned citizenry. Featuring a host of beltway insiders including Ann Coulter, Michael Moore, Al Gore, Robert Kennedy Jr., Sean Hannity, William Safire, Karen Hughes and Henry Kissinger, the film is an often hilarious look behind the front lines of the media wars during the most contentious election in recent history. But ultimately, AL FRANKEN: GOD SPOKE is a personal drama of transformation as Franken moves from his seat in the sidelines to become a contender in the political ring.

The film hits in September.