Here’s another quick review of a film I’ve seen at the Savannah Film Festival, joining one covering A Dangerous Method (link below) .

This is another film that I might grow a bit cooler on, but Ralph Fiennes has certainly proved that he’s as much a force behind the camera as he is in front of it. An all-star cast chews on Shakespeare with the kind of class you’d expect from so many classically trained actors and while it’s not a perfect exercise, Fiennes definitely has control of his film.

Let me know your thoughts! I’ve got several more of these coming, including ones for We Need To Talk About Kevin and Carnage. I have a feeling I’ll have a felt-inspired piece to share soon as well…

Look for full prose revies for all of these films over the course of the next week.

BTW, all these videos have been shot and cut by my good friend and DP extraordinaire, Dan Reed, so big thanks to him (help me say so @ him on twitter!).

This film hits theaters on January 13th, 2012.

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