What’s the general rule of thumb? Grab them all in the first couple of minutes? I can’t seem to recall in my present stupor, but maybe I can keep everything cool with my fashionably flashy articles.

Jimmy’s Hat

Lee's good. real good. It’d odd to see Spike Lee dive right into conventional genre filmmaking, but he does so brimming with style and social commentary. With Inside Man (his best since the masterful 25th Hour), in anyone else’s hands it could have been a by-the-cliché heist film with a clever reveal. Instead, Lee, no stranger to the type of probing questions asked to our own society, infuses the narrative with the sign o’ our times. A little conversation on the nature of videogames becomes about its imprint on the young, skin colors dominate officer’s preconceived notions when the bank’s hostages are relinquished. That’s not to say that the film, scripted by neophyte Russell Gerwitz, is about that as much as it is about pure entertainment. It’s the bits of both that make it wonderful. Returning to a fruitful collaboration with the charismatic Denzel Washington, Lee’s film is a constantly moving rousing film that feels unlike him, and yet wholly his own creation. This is the most “mainstream” Lee has ever waded into, but he does it on his own terms. And they’re real engrossing ones.

Be crazy like a Fox – with:
- Incredibly fascinating audio commentary with Lee
- The featurettes: Number 4 – Spike Lee and Denzel Washington discuss their creative collaborations and The Making-of Inside Man
- Over 25 minutes of deleted scenes
- Theatrical trailer

Brick - see it. Rian Johnson won the Originality of Vision award at Sundance, so let that sink in when tackling his debut film, Brick (read Devin’s must-read interview with him here and then read further information from Johnson here). Brick shoots for the moon, effortlessly blending genre elements from hard boiled crime films, comedic situations, and even the sense of snappy dialogue that slowly faded out from our culture. It succeeds more often than not, and that’s an achievement all in and of itself. The real shoulders of the film belong to Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who balances each situation he’s thrust into with a real chutzpah. As his Brendan delves into the seedy underbelly of high-school drug dealing and corruption, Gordon-Levitt’s immersion into his character is part of what really allows you to immerse yourself. Johnson, who attempts choices that really shouldn’t meld, but surprisingly do, is the other side of the coin, flipping his own signature style and raising his hands for your “hell yeah” in the process. I, for one, can’t wait to see what he does next.

Sit there and bleed at you – with:
- Commentary with Director Rian Johnson, Actors Noah Segan and Nora Zehetner, Producer Ram Bergman, Production Designer Jodie Tillen and Costume Designer Michele Posch
- Some deleted and extended scenes, with an introduction by Johnson
- The Inside Track: Casting the Roles of Laura and Dode
- Hidden Easter Egg

CaviteYou arrive in a foreign country, ready to meet your family. Your phone rings. You pick it up, expecting to hear from them. Except it’s someone else, someone sinister. Demanding that you either follow their set-demands (most of which straddle the line between conscientious) or have your family die bloodily at their hands, you now have a choice. Such is the premise for the no-budget film Cavite, from a couple of guys who saved up just enough for some airline tickets to the impoverished Philippine habitats and for a DV camera. The rest is their ingenuity. Both written and directed by Neill Dela Llana and Ian Gamazon (who also takes the lead in the film), Cavite is a fairly harrowing portrait of fringe choices, the edges of which reach out and touch people everyday. Aside from being rickety in its presentation (it’s easy to overlook the budgetary constrictions), the filmmakers here try to bring a full presentation of their independent roots through their scrappy ways. Yours should include seeking it out.

Deliver unspeakable terror – with:
- Commentary with Dela Llana and Gamazon
- Some outtakes and deleted scenes with optional commentary
- Additional deleted scenes

Ultimate Avengers 2The Avengers get all ultimate on your quivering virgin asses all over again in Ultimate Avengers 2. Combining the epic forces of our luminous heroes against yet another deadly foe, the sequel promises a lot more bouncing up and down. And it’s not going to be from the seat of your pants. This time the villainous villainy rests mightily on the mysterious Iisland Wakanda, the contents of which are lorded over by its protector, a Black Panther without any of that militant rage. As it happens, something very alluring lies deep beneath the surface of the Island’s crust, it’s golden goodies calling out to extra-terrestrial beings like your quest to call out all noobs online. Faced with destruction on an epic scale, the Black Panther calls on you-know-who (yes, including Wasp) to do you-know-what. Jiggle those man boobs in anticipation. It’s… here.

Still be a little man – with:
- The Ultimates
- The ultimate gag reel
- First looks at Iron Man and Dr. Strange
- What Avenger are you?: DVD-Rom game
- Trailer gallery

Prison Break Season 1Start with a brother, Lincoln Burrows, who is wrongly accused of attempting assassination on the VP’s brother. Throw him in Illinois’ own Fox River Penitentiary, a place where Lincoln’s brother, Michael Scofield (Wentworth Miller), had designed previously. Next, mix in Michael’s escape plan, which involves getting himself thrown into Prison so he can use the elaborately swooshing camera moves swirling around him to bring up his mysterious tattoo of the entire Prison’s architecture to life. All that’s left is the magic re-appearing ink. Now many people, including those I know, were all over this show. Hinged on its deliberate developments, Prison Break: Season One works occasionally, although I never found it to be thoroughly engrossing enough for me to make it through to the end. That might have been contributed to several factors, one of which involves my horrible previous memories of dropping the soap at camp. I suppose DVD is as good as a format as any to revisit my own bias against the show’s alleged riveting developments, but as a whole I’m not sure I want to remember Buford T. Justice’s Summer Fun.

Nice girls finish last – with:
- All 22 Season One episodes
- Commentaries on selected episodes
- Some alternate and deleted scenes
- featurettes (Making of Prison Break, If These Walls Could Talk: Profile of the Joliet Correctional Center, Beyond the Ink, and Fox Movie Channel’s Making a Scene)
- TV spots

Lost CityAndy Garcia morphs into two creations for his feature-length debut, The Lost City (enter our DVD contest here). The first is as the Director, who brings together sumptuous cinematography with a static sense of longing for the Cuba pre-Revolution. The second is as the Actor, who allows his nightclub owner to get caught up in the raging wars against the Batista and the questions surrounding Castro’s band of revolutionaries. There’s also the sultry feminine idol in question, that of his own Sister-in-law, as the pair fall in l-u-v during those hot rumba booty-shaking Havana nights (without card shark Robert Redford or a sultry Lena Olin). The duo then seeking refuge with such crazy characters as Mafioso’s like Dustin Hoffman and Bill Murray’s walking internalization, known only as “the writer.” Pretentiousness aside, The Lost City could be hit or miss for me, or maybe even the best thing ever.

Live forever – with:
- Commentary by Director Andy Garcia, Actor Nestor Carbonell, and Production Designer Waldemar Kalinowski
- Some deleted scenes with Garcia commentary
- The Making-of The Lost City
- Stills gallery
- Notes from the Cast & Crew
- Theatrical trailer

CSA If the South had risen again and won “The War,” most truck driving shot-gun toting clichés would be content. Let’s throw in Pennsylvania as well. Fortunately, they didn’t, as we are better off. But what if someone had a time machine and was able to turn the tide of the war? What if them Northerners had actually succumbed to fatigue and were lost in the tides of time? What if? The Confederate States of America, Kevin Willmott’s mockumentary, imagines just that. Imagine the Confederate flag on the Moon, used in the name of the Great Wars, and even on your trips to the supermarket (all right, that last part is too feasible). Peppering his social commentary on the nature of our country’s sordid past and why racism still thrives today (here’s a hint: it did not greet us as liberators), Willmott’s film is, as Devin mentions, “a funny, smart and ballsy satire about race in this country that aims to illuminate the continuing modern racism that is everywhere – and does it well.” As a document meant to illustrate our modern misgivings, C.S.A. definitely will make you think twice about what the hell is happening around you.

Y’all come back now – with:
- Commentary by Director Kevin Willmott and Producer Rick Cowan (How We Spent Three Years of Our Life)
- A second commentary track with Director Kevin Willmott (Reality of Fiction)
- Some deleted scenes
- Making of
C.S.A. with filmmakers

Electric ZombiesIf Electric Zombies sounds exactly like Stephen King’s Cell, that’s because Mr. King might want to fire up his lawyers for some good old fashioned litigation. The plot is this: “A secret government plan to influence America’s enemies via cell phone signals turns into a nightmare when the technology leaks into the U.S. Now, one by one, people are being turned into zombies by simply answering their cell phones.” And its consequences are disastrous; for you, for them, and for anyone misfortunate enough to stumble upon this fifth-tier schlock fest for “fun.” Whatever that means. I enjoy a good Zombie movie like the rest of the delinquents on our site, but this just sounds like refried rectal cavity. But while I’m quick to disassociate myself from it, I bet I’ll sure as hell see it, since I gotta – for the children.

Go straight-to-DVD – with (these Special Edition features):
- Play Feature
- Select Chapter
- Web Link

Dont Come KnockingSpike Lee dislikes Wim Wenders. Perhaps it was his totally wrong and out of left field comment on Do The Right Thing that Mookie wasn’t a hero. This then lead Lee to say: “Wim Wenders had better watch out ’cause I’m waiting for his ass. Somewhere deep in my closet I have a Louisville Slugger bat with Wenders’ name on it.” Either way, this has nothing to do with Wenders’ newest film Don’t Come Knocking. However, it does make me wonder if Wenders does look around him on his sets, like the Southwest here, cautious about Lee dropping down from the sky and vanishing after his conquest. Sam Shepard does just that (minus the slugging of anyone) as his Western troublemaker Cowboy film hero takes a load off for free, vamoosing towards a dustier plane of existence – finding his long, lost son. Like previous Shepard/Wenders collaborations, expect this one to be dipped in emotional depths, probing discourses on the nature of human relationships and the occasional look over the shoulder.

I would rather live alone – with:
- Commentary with Wenders
- Some deleted scenes with optional Wenders commentary
- 2 featurettes (New York movie premiere and Sundance)
- Interview with Wim Wenders and Eva Marie Saint
- Previews

Tromeo and JulietIt would be a strange world without Lloyd Kaufman and his particular brand of apropos filmmaking on the fringe, if only because we’d miss out on such things like Tromeo and Juliet, celebrating its 10th Anniversary. As you might know, this is also the film Slither Director James Gunn got his start on (writing and working as an uncredited co-Director), and he’s even said he owes his entire career to Kaufman’s loveable, bow-tie wearing craziness. What makes Shakespeare’s retelling so absorbing is not only the copious T & A, but also the fact that it’s immensely watchable. For once, one of the leads (Jane Jensen, playing Juliet), performs fairly well and plus, she’s attractive to all contingents. Above all, though, what works the best are the zinging bot mots scattered throughout. Instances like when a Capulet is taunting Tromeo, shouting “get ready to DIE, MOTHERFUCKER!” Those are just some of the beautiful brilliant touches that really get its poetry out there.

Parting totally sucks – with:
- 4 Audio Commentaries (the original commentary, one recently recovered vintage commentary, and two brand-new ones) – featuring writer James Gunn, director Lloyd Kaufman, actor Sean Gunn, editor Frank Reynolds, and Troma staff editor Gabriel Friedman.
- 2 hours of brand-new interviews with crew and cast members, including Debbie Rochon (Ness), Tiffany Shepis (Peter), Sean Gunn (Sammy), Stephen Blackehart (Benny), Valentine Miele (Murray), and Lemmy.
- Deleted Scenes, including Ron Jeremy’s missing scene and a new featurette of James and Lloyd commenting on the missing scenes.
- Recently unearthed rehearsal footage of Jane Jensen and Debbie Rochon
- Getting Hostel with Hollywood, where James Gunn and Lloyd Kaufman visit Eli Roth’s birthday party
- Slithering Through Hollywood – Extended Version, which is a new longer version of Lloyd’s visit to the set of James Gunn’s Slither.
- Fan reenactments of scenes from the film
- Classic Troma movie introductions and Troma’s Edge TV clips featuring the cast of Tromeo And Juliet (including intros for Surf Nazis Must Die, Redneck Zombies, And Cannibal! The Musical)
- "Where For Art Thou Now?" – A special update on what the surviving characters from the film are up to 10 years later
- Special Foil Stamped artwork
- “And More Tromatic Goodies, if you can believe it!”

Tuesday also holds these poetic DVD statements that might titillate you or emasculate your own feminine needs. If you’re wise, you’ll chose the one labeled “Part III.”

SeaLab 2021Bring It On 3Hellraiser III
Larry Cable Guy Movie Manderlay USA DVDWire 3
Sorry HatersHeidiJayne Mansfield


CarsPixar’s Cars (read Devin’s so-so review) is like what happens when people attempt to construct their own vehicular labors of love. It starts off with a body, in this case the bulging narrative that’s a little too long (maxing out at 2+ hours). I’m not a car junkie. I’ve never built one other than out of wood, but I do enjoy driving them at unsafe speeds with a kilo of cocaine strapped onto the chassis below. While the animated film is entirely safe and contains no discernable drug references (other than Fillmore’s insistence that we go organic), it is, alas, Pixar’s most muted film to date. It’s a hodge-podge that runs on for too long, itself a laborious almost disappointing experience. It has its moments, I’ll give the wondrous creators that (especially the tractor cows and naturally Tony Shaloub’s Italian Stallion), but trimmed of 20-30 minutes and the film could have really shined. I don’t know where they could even shorn those off, but as it is now, Cars isn’t as magical as it more than likely could have been. For one thing, I hope that this is just their off-season. The DVD arrives on 11.7.06.

Pit Stop! – with:
- Brand-new short Mater and the Ghostlight
- Academy Award nominated short One Man Band (the great Brad Bird short that played before the movie for many)
- Inspiration for Cars: A behind-the-scenes featurette
- 4 deleted scenes
- Ratatouille preview

This is fairly feather-weight for a Pixar DVD. Maybe there’ll be more announced later.

Omen DVDWalking out of The Omen (2006, and read Devin’s negative review here), I think my roommate summed it all up by paraphrasing the great About a Boy. “Rubbish mate,” he mocked the experience in disgust. If you’ve seen the original, which I by no means consider a be-all end-all film, then there’s just about little worth desiring from “the re-imagining.” I put that in quotes because it is too eerily similar to Richard Donner’s magna cum late of a fright punch to your gonads. The plot hasn’t changed one iota (so indiscernible that the WGA petitioned – and won – the right to call this “re-imagining” from the original mind of David Seltzer). The leads shift to a more ‘tween friendly Liev Schreiber and Julia Stiles. They do manage to populate the film with the excellent David Thewlis and Pete “moveable feast” Postlethwaite, but alas, like everyone else, they’re given little to do. Coincidentally, that’s also what your mind will be running around as well.

- Unrated Alternate Ending
- Audio commentary with Director John (Behind Enemy Lines) Moore, Producer Glenn Williamson, and Editor Dan Zimmerman
- Omenisms
- Abbey Road Sessions
- Revelations 666 Featurette
- 2 Gory Extended Scenes: Impaling and Beheading
- Theatrical trailers

To cover the tops of your DVD Sundae this week, here are some cherries. Silther, as you know, contains a wealth of extras (read this MB thread) and busts out of chest cavities on 10.24.06. Since you didn’t see it, you should run to the store to rent. Saw II goes from plaid to Uncut Director’s Cut on the same day, with a plethora of other goodies. Finally, expect Dead Man’s Shoes, out on 9.5.06, to make your loins perk up with excitementt.

Slither final DVDSaw IIDead Mans Shoes

Region Free Flooding

Typhoon HK DVDDon’t let the fact that it was South Korea’s largest film ever fool you. A good movie is a good movie. As it stands, Typhoon is an interesting Pirate film. Yes, a movie in which the leads plunder their ways through the depths of humanity with copious amounts of slo-motion shots with Men covered in various stages of goo (and no, it’s not some odd foreign porn, as they’re caked with mud, rain, and glistening masculinity). The pirates are planning a massive raid on both North and South Korea with the help of some recently acquired National Intel, a boon for them since they’re fucking nasty Pirates. Naturally, a man from the tricky past has to reemerge and whoop all sorts of shaggy buttocks. It’s the only way nuclear war can be prevented from being unleashed on both friendly nations. Is it a good movie? Word has been mixed. If you’re a fan of Director Kyung-Taek Kwak’s previous works, then see it. If you’re a fan of Pirates, see it. If you’re neither, still see it.

Extras include:
- Optional English and Thai subtitles
- Making of (Korean audio only)
- Behind-the-scenes featurette
- TV Spot & Trailer

This is a Region 3 NTSC DVD.

GoldenEye UK DVDPierce Brosnan’s best Bond movie is Goldeneye. You’re wrong if you think anything else. Everything subsequently was lacking. As part of the recent influx of Bond Ultimate Editions dropping massive loads on the UK shores (and if you’re in L.A., at Amoeba records), each Bond film gets a deluxe apartment in the sky treatment. Fleshed out with a wealth of special features, you can now relive those glorious Martin Campbell Bondian moments, like the ridiculous tank sequence backed emotionally with Eric Serra’s kind-of out of place score (although kill me, I enjoy it). I will always refer to Sean Bean as 006, whether or not I ever meet him in real life, since his semi-iconic portrayal as Brosnan’s foil left no stone unturned and no foreign country unmanned and heavily satellite’d. There’s also Minnie Driver doing “Stand By Your Man” – as a Russian cowgirl. Where the Ultimate Edition saddles up is with its deleted scenes, featurettes, and boat loads of crushing by thighs. One can only hope Sony (via Fox Home Entertainment) rejiggers their own release pattern to put these and the whole series out soon. I hear it might be in time for Casino Royale.

That depends on your definition of safe sex – with:
- Uncut (meaning 13 seconds has been restored) Feature-length film
- Audio commentary with Director Martin Campbell and Producer Michael G Wilson
- Optional Commentary Segments by Martin Campbell
- Deleted Scenes With Introductions From Martin Campbell
- Anatomy of a Car Chase: Remy Julienne
- Anatomy of a Stunt: Tank Versus Perrier
- Building a Better Bond: Pre-Production Featurette
Goldeneye: The Secret Files
- Goldeneye: The Secret Files – The Cast
- Location Scouting with Peter Lamont
- Making It Small in Pictures: Derek Meddings
- The Return of Bond - The Start of Production Press Event
- Pre-Title Storyboard Sequence
- Directing Bond: The Martin Chronicles
- 007 Mission Control (with the features 007, Women, Allies, Villains, Mission Combat Manual, Q Branch and Exotic Locations)
- Mission Dossier (with the features World of 007 – A Documentary, The
Goldeneye Video Journal, Promotional Featurette, and the Goldeneye Music Video Performed by Tina Turner
- Image gallery
- Ministry of Propaganda (with 12 TV spots and 2 theatrical trailers)

This is a Region 2 PAL DVD. Get it.


For Vendetta
(Ian’s DVD review),
Shaggy Dog
, The Comeback: Only Season, Curb Your Enthusiasm: Season Five, Broken
(William’s DVD review),
Next Door: Season One
, What The Bleep Do We Know?!?: Quantum Down
The Rabbit Hole Edition
, Mrs. Harris, Beavis and Butt-head: Mike Judge
Collection Vol. Three
, Mr. Moto Collection, Olivier’s
Shakespeare: Criterion
, Witches of Eastwood, Dracula,
Prisoner of Frankenstein
, Star Trek: Klingon Collective, Alice
in Wonderland
, Boys of Lost Island, and Severed:
Forest of the Dead
. Relive the frightening moments in last weeks’ Special Edition right here.

Hawk: 15th Anniversary Edition
, Blackballed: The Bobby Dukes Story
(Ian’s DVD review), Final
Destination 3
(Ian’s DVD review),
Show: Lost Episodes
, Ask the Dust, Awesome: I FUCKING Shot That!,
25 Years of Terror
, Halloween 4: Divimax, Halloween
5: Divimax
, 2005 Academy Awards Short Films, Ladybugs, A
Canterbury Tale: Criterion Collection
, Animaniacs: Volume One
(Ian’s DVD review), Pinky
& The Brain: Vol. One
, Asylum, Benchwarmers, Beast
Must Die
, Tales from the Crypt: Season Four, Mee-Shee, Will
Rogers Collection Vol. One
, Punky Brewster: Season Three, Boondocks:
First Season
, Seven Swordsmen, and Hammer
Film Noir Collection
. Check out an old Special Edition right here.
Then send it to a home. You’re nice like that.

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