friends, I come to you today in my pimp mode. What I am pimping is Frightfest 2006, a horror film festival being held in London from August 25th to 28th (although I guess in England you reverse the order of that so it’s 25th to 28th of August). I don’t usually pimp out film festivals, but this one is unique because it’s giving you a chance to see a movie that has tenaciously hung on to my top 10 of the year and yet has not been bought by anyone – Behind The Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon. Read my review here, and I expect to have an interview with the director soon.

That isn’t the only cool movie playing at Frightfest – other ones that get me excited are Pan’s Labyrinth, the new film from Guillermo Del Toro, a film I keep hearing being described as a ‘masterpiece,’ and The Host, a balls to the wall Korean horror film. In fact, The Host is playing after Behind the Mask. Do a double feature!

Head over here to check out Frightfest’s website, and make sure you get tickets for Behind the Mask – again, it’s one of my favorite movies of the year, a movie that appeals to me both as a grown up movie lover and as a teenaged slasher freak. Also be sure to read that site’s DVD guide, Gore in the Store. The guy who writes it is a bit of a ponce, but he’s smart.