Bloody Disgusting’s scoop last week about George Clooney being in the Pet Sematary remake didn’t quite pan out, but let’s not hold it against them. Especially when they bring us a story as interesting – and sort of basically plausible – as this one: John Carpenter and Kurt Russell may be reteaming for a third Snake Plissken film… Escape from Earth.

Says the site’s scooper: "A major meeting was held at Paramount last week with both John Carpenter and Kurt Russell in attendance. The topic — preparing for a third entry in the Snake Plissken chronicles entitled Escape From Earth.

Apparently, Carpenter completed a script for the project eight years ago but the studio has now taken an interest in it after Russell demanded doing it before signing on with the studio for a three picture deal.

Although the screenplay is being kept under tight wraps, I’m told (by another anonymous) who was lucky enough to take a peek at the first thirteen pages that the script takes off immediately where the previous left off and features our planet en-route to Armageddon.”

Could it be? It’s certainly a weird choice, after Escape from LA didn’t set the world on fire. Still, Russell and Carpenter are very fond of the character – fond enough that Russell made LA his only sequel, as he told me at the Poseidon press junket this year: I only did one sequel. We did Escape from LA. We did it seventeen years after we did the original. I wanted to do it because I wanted to have the fun of later on looking at me do this part, where you put these movies back to back and you’re just looking at pretty much the same character, but I’m seventeen years older and Snake’s not. I get a kick out of that. That was John Carpenter and so that was a lot of fun. But no, I’m not much on sequels.

I imagine that we’ll know more about this one in the next couple of days as everybody tries to verify the rumor. We’re pushing for you, Bloody Disgusting!