Skyfall is the title of the next James Bond fim. It’ll arrive about a year from now, give or take a week. Javier Bardem’s the asshole. Daniel Craig’s the hero. Naome Harris is the babe. Judi Dench, Ralph Fiennes, and Albert Finney support.

Those are pretty much the facts. Everything else is speculation.

These are the luckiest event films in history. The plot is irrelevant. The style will be a delightful mix of effectively shot drama married to modern 2nd and 3rd unit magic. It’ll have action and sex appeal and Daniel Craig will continue to serve as a capable James Bond. Arguments will happen over who the best Bond is, how good or shitty the title is, and what elements from previous films have been repurposed. A mediocre video game will come out and everyone will talk about the Nintendo 64 Goldeneye game with reverence.

And the movie will bank.

More details once we have more than ‘Skyfall‘.