you read to the end of my exclusive interview with Talladega Nights director Adam McKay y you’ll see that we briefly discuss his next project, a movie that will reteam Will Ferrell and John C Reilly, a duo who show a ton of chemistry in  their new movie. Adam couldn’t spill much about the movie since they were still pitching it, but now the details are out, and the concept sounds great.

The film is called Step Brothers, and in it Ferrell and Reilly play grown men who live with their single parents. When their parents get married, the two men must deal with living together in their new family situation. In an interview with the New York Times Ferrell said it was like Kramer vs Kramer meets The Brady Bunch. Now that’s high concept.

The movie will be at Columbia, the folks behind Talladega Nights and Ferrell and McKay will try to make their feature scripting collaboration be a three for three success rate. The movie starts shooting next year in Los Angeles.