weeks ago I sat down with Guillermo Del Toro for a very long interview (which should be hitting CHUD next week!), and one of the topics that came up was how often his projects come and go. He’s pretty zen about it, figuring that with patience and his hard work it all works itself out. And now it has – Hellboy 2, which previously looked possibly dead, has been picked up by Universal.

The sequel was left behind Revolution Studios fell apart, and the project was shopped around town. Universal bit, and they’ll be fully funding the movie as well as distribute it. The studio has slotted the movie into their 2008 summer line-up.

Hellboy 2 will feature the return of the original cast, including Ron Perlman as the demonic hero and Selma Blair as his pyrokinetic love interest. These people love the property – they all even came back for the upcoming Hellboy animated movies. That never happens.

Hopefully more information about Hellboy 2 will forthcoming in the weeks ahead. The only down side to this announcement is that it means all the other very cool projects Guillermo has in the hopper – some of which you’ll read about in the big interview – just got that much more delayed.