I love and hate the trailer for Project X. Per usual it’s a highly unlikely, contrived set-up to put a disproportionate number of attractive, scantily clad women in front of cameras, but then again there’s something else to it…

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Alright, maybe I do like it. There’s a hint of true out-of-control darkness to the set-up that goes beyond the usual “out of control” parties in movies that are really just big sets with a few kooky gags thrown in. Neighborhoods don’t usually get burned down, riot cops called, and people potentially mortally harmed in your average teen sex comedy. Nor do I often see the kind of chaos erupt from a pool party that I wouldn’t be surprised to see Clovie stomping around amidst. If this actually pushes the envelop, then it may very well be worthwhile, but I’ve wanted that from Todd Phillips projects before and not gotten it.

The nature of the footage is the kind of handheld/found footage style that’s growing in popularity, but there’s clearly some more deliberately shot material mixed in. The style in the trailer suggests the edit will be free to move from a thousand angles and sources though, which is becoming more of a reality in this day and age anyway. I like the idea of it, we’ll see if the execution actually ends up unique. As annoying as it all is, the intstagram approach to the trailer is also pretty timely and well-executed.

In his interview with Vice, director Nourizadeh Nima promises the film goes somewhere dark, though he ultimately just claims to have made a fun party movie that’s a little different from what you’ve seen before. Frankly, that’d be enough.

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