For years there have been a few films in development hell that hoped to tell the tragic story of Linda Lovelace, star of Deepthroat. There’s a very icky story behind the first porno to achieve relatively mainstream success, and the revulsion goes well beyond simple bodily fluids. I described some of the madness inherent in Lovelace’s story in an article about James Franco potentially being involved and Lindsey Lohan circling the other project, but now it’s the novel adaptation project that’s got the steam and it looks like Amanda Seyfried will star. Peter Sarsgaard is said to be circling the role of the nasty piece of work she was involved with.

This particular project, Lovelace, is taking on the nonfiction book The Complete Linda Lovelace as opposed to using the Blacklist script of “competing” project, Inferno.

Seyfried is an interesting choice for the role, and seems to indicate they want to play up the “destruction of the vulnerable china doll” aspect, as you can’t get around that girl’s eyes. Kate Hudson was once slated to play the part, which is even more baffling… I don’t want to make a joke about “meaty roles” in a film about porn, but there it is.

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Source | Deadline