by America’s acceptance of the monumentally unfunny Pink Panther remake, the producers are going back for more. Yes, the watered-down, remarkably joke-free film will be getting a sequel. The Pod Person Steve Martin (the one who stars in endlessly awful movies like this and the Cheaper by the Dozen films) will be back to stagger about in a way so uncomedic that I believe if we rocketed a copy of the film back in time to Let’s Get Small-era Steve Martin the younger man would shoot himself in the face to avert the apocalyptically nightmarish future presented to him.

The plot of the film is being kept under wraps (ie, they don’t have one) but it is described as ‘high concept’ (ie gimmicky and stupid). There are newbie writers being brought on board, but from what I understand Pod Person Steve Martin’s just going to take the thing and essentially rewrite it anyway. Maybe these newbie screenwriters are someone’s nephews looking to get their first credits.

The thing is that I don’t even mind remakes. And I’m not a huge fan of the original Peter Sellers films. It’s just annoying to see someone as blatantly talented as Steve Martin slumming in such hacktastic work when he completely has enough control to make the film at least mildly amusing. God knows I understand the need to take a paycheck, but surely blowing people in the bus station men’s room is less humiliating than gooning it up in a fucking Shawn Levy movie?