I write to you from my new home in Studio City, California. I wouldn’t be sitting in this box-strewn bedroom right now if it wasn’t for one group of dedicated dudes who got me here: Real Rock ‘n Roll Movers.

I’ve been an apartment dweller for decades, and for most of those years I’ve moved myself, or wrangled friends into helping. The problems with this are two-fold: one, it’s fucking exhausting to move yourself, and moving is fraught with enough stress without having to add potential injury (one time I busted an ankle on an uneven curb while moving. I was moving into an attic apartment and with my bad ankle I couldn’t make the steps, so I spent a week on the couch watching TV. It just happened that it was the week Princess Diana died, so I was trapped with just that mess); and two, if you have friends help you move then you’re indebted to help them move. Nothing kills a Saturday like lifting someone else’s dressers up nine flights of stairs.

So when I moved across country I opted to pay people to do all hard work. You may remember that when I moved into my first LA apartment the guy I hired ended up being a direct to DVD director whose latest movie, a Blade rip-off, had been ripped to shreds on CHUD. That was a little weird, so for my next move I decided to hire someone who had not been ridiculed on the site. Looking through the moving help section of Craigslist I found an ad that really spoke to me: Real Rock ‘n Roll Movers are a collective of rock musicians who do moving to pay the bills.

I loved the concept. I like supporting artists, and I like having other people lift my stuff for me. Many people I know in LA have gone to Home Depot and picked up a load of illegal immigrants to move for them, but I couldn’t imagine doing that – for one thing I like to be able to communicate with my movers. And beyond that, I like being able to relate to my movers. I can’t just let someone else do all the work – I wasn’t raised in a world where we had servants – so I’ll throw in with the movers, and it’s great to have someone to talk with.

What’s awesome about the guys from Real Rock ‘n Roll Movers is that they’re cool and they’re quick. You pay a minimum of two hours (25 bucks per dude per hour) and they’re happy to get the work done real quick. You’re not getting nickel and dimed for every extra minute, and these guys start working and don’t stop until they’re done. There’s no fucking around. And I’ve noticed that a lot of the guys are drummers – that upper body strength comes in handy when moving box springs.

I don’t want to have to move again any time soon, but if I did, I would be calling Real Rock ‘n Roll Movers again. If you’re in LA, check them out on Craigslist or at http://realrocknrollmovers.com. They’re about to break out into the big time – they have plans to buy their own 17 foot truck this summer. And if you’re a rocker looking for a flexible gig to pay the bills between tours, I’m sure they’re always looking for more muscle.