handsome and virile gents at Bloody Disgusting have broken a helluva story – they claim to have 100% confirmed that George Clooney is going to be in the Pet Sematary remake. Yes, Oscar winner George Clooney.

The original Pet Sematary is, to my memory at least, one of the better Stephen King movies. The image of the sick sister with the fucked up back still haunts me to this day. Also, Fred Gwynne. Haunts me to this day, that is. The story is a variation on the old Monkey’s Paw – a local pet cemetery ends up having the ability to bring back anyone buried in its soil. Vintage EC Comics type stuff.

Bloody Disgusting hasn’t figured out what role Clooney would be playing, but I would like to suggest Church, the undead cat. With today motion capture technology, Clooney’s acting chops and his previous experience playing a domesticated animal on South Park, I think this is the ticket to Clooney Oscar #2.