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FREEDOMFuck the government. Screw the complacent populace. And, more importantly, down with long hair. Or at least that’s what most of the stupidly inane journalists were wondering about the McTeigue/Wachowski tussle with V For Vendetta (read Ian’s DVD review). Yeah, Natalie Portman loses her golden locks to the shears, but it’s a small footnote on the road for her becoming part of the interlocked symbol of the titular espousing hero V, a symbol she’ll refer to as a Man’s poached-egg cooking MAN. Moore’s work has finally been adapted to a proper incarnation (read Devin’s positive review), although the end shot of LxG brings tears to my eyes (since it is, like, the denouement). I’m not really much of a source purist, as long as the major ideas throughout the text are rightly placed into the new telling. You won’t hear me griping about Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban for that same reason. V for Vendetta manages to harness those prescient themes at stake and transport them for our jaded modern times, and for that it was enough for me to enjoy with some reservation. As for the latter, my tip in such a circumstance would be just like V’s – with some C4 and an effeminate vernacular.

Blowing up a building can change the world – with:
Widescreen single-disc edition
- Freedom! Forever!: Making V for Vendetta
Widescreen 2-disc Special Edition (all other extras on disc 2)
- Designing the Near Future
- Remember Remember: Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder Plot
- England Prevails: V for Vendetta and the New Wave in Comics
- Cat Power Montage
- Soundtrack Album Info
- Theatrical Trailer

SHAGGYTim Allen is … a man who takes any project. You see the Zoom trailer? I did, and then my doctor had to remove the watery tube from my anus. Speaking of items that hurt, there’s the movie in question this week: The Shaggy Dog. I harbor no ill-will towards Fred MacMurray in the original, so instead I will throw my biases towards Disney’s remake (read Devin’s extremely negative review), with all of its seemingly committee-like choices and scenes of happy family fun time vanilla. Tim Allen mysteriously (and rather oddly) is able to transform into the dysfunctional canine, complete with father issues leveled at his young children. Then there’s the dastardly laboratory people, led by Robert Downey Jr., who are also mysteriously searching for the secret of immortality, something Darren Aronofsky is going to allegedly blow out of the water come the end of the year. Except that he isn’t going to do it with a Sheep dog dry-humping innocents. Add voiceover, Kristin Davis, and copious amounts of carefully placed nudity (from Allen) and you’ve got what Devin perfectly calls: “like eating a great big log of shit, and Downey is the surprising and tasty bits of corn.

Whither Ed Begley Jr.? – with:
- Some deleted scenes
- Some, I shit you not, “Bone-ticling bloopers
- Bark-Along Bone-Us feature (that’s a little too risqué for Disney)
- Music Video for Woof There it is
- Previews

COMEBACKThe creators of The Comeback kept telling us that if we stuck with it, we’d be rewarded with its wondrous situations. I made it through a full episode before looking grayed and withered like the pilot jungle I was forced to wade through. My good friend strapped on his helmet and waded through The Comeback’s Vietnam, going through 5 tours. Let’s just say he didn’t make it – he now shakes uncontrollably. Lisa Kudrow is the painfully unfunny Valerie Cherish, whose life spirals downward and is forced into a mediocre reality TV show. Every turn Cherish takes leads to the harsh realizations of life in the ‘biz, and with it comes a coherent awkwardness that remains unparalleled. That doesn’t mean these situations are good. They’re not. I wouldn’t say I missed the boat on the show, since it was on fire and sinking anyway. I understand that it wasn’t supposed to have a stupid laugh track or even a mildly humorous plot. It was supposed to be real. It is, as in really horrendous.

You see puppies, I see Korean barbeque – with:
- All 13 episodes on 2 discs
- Commentary by Lisa Kudrow and Michael Patrick King on the pilot, Valerie Hangs with the Cool Kids, and Valerie Shines Under Stress
- Commentary by Valerie Cherish on Valerie Triumphs at the Upfronts
- Commentary by Michael Patrick King on Valerie Bonds with the Cast and Valerie Does Another Classic Leno
- Valerie After the Laughter – an exclusive new interview with the beloved actress
- Valerie Backstage at Dancing with the Stars

CURBLarry David’s Curb Your Enthusiasm is one of the best shows on TV (unlike the above). Season Five had him in search of his ‘adopted’ roots and brought forth some great hilariously awkward developments in his life. Like using his father-in-law’s Passion of the Christ nail to great effect. The Larry David Sandwich. Or even inviting sex offender Rob Corddry over for a nice Seder dinner. For only being a 10-episode season, it might not have been as wholly proficient as Larry’s previous exploits. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t deliver David’s signature goods like before; it does heartily. He understands those small moments in each day that can cause joyous laughter, or intensive dismay. And he twists those to suit his liking, making sure you connect in such a way that it’s almost sublime. For such a genius to be able to create such comedic sequences, David makes it look effortlessly easy. Arguably, it’s not, so that’s why statues of beefy greatness across America should be unveiled in his honor.

The ass is part of my snuggle – with:
- 2 featurettes: The History of Curb… So Far and The History of Curb… Even Further

BROKEN SAINTSI never saw Broken Saints (William Nash’s DVD Review). It was one of those wonton internet phenomenons that quietly passed me by, or maybe I was too busy looking at midget amputee porn to bother. The cult following it has amassed makes it ripe for a DVD re-envisioning, as allegedly its Flash Animation technology makes the format a natural progression for its artistic stories told. Borrowing its genesis from a little bit of everything – comics, anime, effects, your Mom – Broken Saints melds it all together while at the same time staying coherent. Four strangers are receptacles for apocalyptic visions (unlike Mel Gibson) and instantly, like Roy Neary, they’re drawn to something bigger than them. It means something. What it is could be a multitude of items, since it’s been getting fairly good reviews, spanning from engaging to “better than my typical Tuesday night.”

I almost touched them – with:
- Commentary by the series creators on every episode
- 4 featurettes (Making-of, Production, Voice-Over, and Sundance Film Festival)
- Art Institute panel discussion with creator Brooke Burgess and others
- Walker Nation Art Center lecture session with creator Brooke Burgess
- Soundtrack
- Tarot Tree character profiles
- Biocom website stills gallery
- Media Buzz – broadcast press interview about Broken Saints
- Fan Showcase – video footage and artwork from fans around the world
- Some behind-the-scenes and DVD-ROM material
- Easter Eggs
- Trailers

GIRLS NEXT DOORHugh Hefner. His girlfriends. Every young boy growing up in the World is drawn to the allure of Playboy and its blossoming lifestyle. They all know about the parties at the Mansion, about Hef’s coiffed iconic bathrobe. Some even yearn for it – they dream of it. And even though they’ll never make it, Hef is capitalizing on the sensuality for The Girls Next Door: Season One, as he attempts to put a human face on three of his sculpted beauties. There are plane rides and parties, skimpy outfits, and enough clock-stretching destruction (some don’t live by it) to power one large libido. But there’s also Hefner, who as a living symbol defines several things I like to make up as I go along. For instance, I think he defies gravity. I think when he opens up his robe, light shines out and entrances all sexes and races and species in orgasmic glee, an O-scream on his face while doing it. I also think that the show, as a whole, is trashy to the nth degree, but it’s watchable trash. It smells good and looks good, but ultimately, it’s not going to change your world. Your pants, maybe.

Have your I.Q. higher than he would like – with:
- Optional uncensored audio track
- Never-before-seen pilot presentation
- Audio commentary on all 15 episodes
- Episode promos
- Some deleted scenes
- Personality tests for Holly, Bridget and Kendra
- Outrageous photo gallery with over 200 pictures

WHAT THE FUCKIt’s very subtle, but when watching What the “Bleep” (#$*!) Do We Know?!: Down the Rabbit Hole Quantum Edition, the #$*! actually stands for FUCK (for those taking score, that’s two weeks in a row the good word has been cuckolded). If you look closer inside of FUCK, you’ll also notice that the movie itself is funded by a cult – click here. What’s at stake is beyond that. It’s the “ancient” teachings of the 35,000-year old Spiritual Warrior Ramtha, who is some mystical being that allegedly infiltrated leader J.Z. Knight in her Seattle kitchen in 1977. I wish I was making this up. Ramtha has a lot of “interesting” things to say about the world, which “he” ultimately does in the form of talking heads associated with his “particular” brand of “theorizing.” If this summary – “Academy Award® winner Marlee Matlin is Amanda, a photographer suddenly transported into a metaphysical world of quantum mechanics, odd science and mind-bending phenomena” – speaks to you, then by all means take the otherworldly trip. I’ll be in the other room urging Ramtha to fix my hotel reservation.

Ponder that for a while – with:
- Theatrical version of What the Bleep!?: Down the Rabbit Hole (plus the extended director’s cut of What the Bleep Do We Know!?)
- Cutting-edge quantum viewing mode – includes hours of all-new randomized clips throughout the movie for a different experience every time you watch
- Almost 6 hours of additional interviews (Jesus, save us!)
- Filmmaker Q&A
- Trailers

MRS HARRISAnnette Bening is pissed. Womanizing Sir Ben Kingsley is the culprit and not just in real life (I believe that’s what’s called massive conjecture). The whole plot of Mrs. Harris is based on an event that happened years before I was even bjorn, so these filmmakers are going to have to work hard to get my slacking generation to pay attention. If you do remember it, aside from being, like, way old, you’ll probably remember a smidgen of what occurred to the infamous Diet Doctor Dr. Herman Tarnower (Kingsley) and his “lose one pound a day” scheme during the fad-crazy fluorescent eighties. Bening’s pill-popping, crazy woman of a wife enters the depression zone and immediately wacky thoughts take over – the trigger in her sights is desperately calling out for her to pull it (and word is her performance is pretty good). On the crosshairs is Kingsley, and while not as ridiculous as the old codger in NYC who recently blew up his house, the situation only ends with a bang.

I used to love her, but I had to kill her – with:
- Commentary with Bening, Kingsley
- Commentary with Writer/Director Phyllis Nagy
- Mrs. Harris For the Record: Firsthand Accounts

BEAVIS AND BUTTHEADAs a cornholio revolution, Beavis & Butt-head managed to be at the right place at the right time. I can remember older types whilst growing up would emulate their signature styles. Mike Judge/MTV should remember that. As the continually release these “Mike Judge Collection[s]”, it’s not quite what fans have been jonesing for. Time and again I see the pleas – “release the Season sets! Please? Love you long time” – cat-calls like that. It would seem to make complete business sense as well, but most likely the people behind such decisions are either a. mired in corporate shenanigans, b. working overtime and lagged far behind, or c. battling the forces of legalese in their quest to bring you fan favorites that are not on the sets, like the aptly titled (and one of my favorites) Mystery of Morning Wood. It would be far too easy to be complacent and recommend we take what we can get, since the mighty dollar is what makes your vote count. While the season sets are definitely out of the question now (if they do come out later, I can still imagine the complaining), it’s your own call if you want to, you know, like be not cool wait. Which sucks.

You could like live in the pipe – with:
- 42 episodes hand-picked by Mike Judge from 1995-1997
- Original, uncut Beavis & Butt-head short Frog Baseball
- 15 music videos with classic Beavis and Butt-Head commentary including Alice Cooper: "Teenage Frankenstein", Soundgarden: "Spoonman" and Salt ‘N’ Pepa (featuring En Vogue): "Whatta Man"
- Special Appearances: Beavis and Butt-Head Yule Log Clips, Letters to Santa Butt-Head, ’97 Press Conference Shorts, Interview with Chris Connelly, 2005 VMA’s
- Taint of Greatness: The Journey of Beavis and Butt-head, Part 3 featurette
- Promos: Beavis and Butt-Head Movie Shorts & Promos, Sunday Stew Promos, Holiday Gifts Promo
- Interactive link to Mike Judge and Don Hertzfeldt’s "The Animation Show" website

MR MOTOThe German-born Peter Lorre starring in an American film in which he plays the Japanese national Mr. Moto. Whew. If that sounds like an interesting couple of left turns, then I suppose the much-needed Mr. Moto Collection – with Mr. Moto Takes A Chance, Mysterious Mr. Moto, Thank You, Mr. Moto, and Think Fast, Mr. Moto – is for you, or maybe your Grandfather. Frankly, I’d never heard of these films before, but you can be sure as the virgin inside of me I’ll be checking these out henceforth. Lorre is the titular hero, allegedly one who’s far removed from another Asian-centric hero of sorts, Charlie Chan. For starters, he uses ju-jistsu. Unfortunately, like the Chan films, you’re going to encounter some muted racism, in portrayals or even presentation of events. If you’re able to objectify those sort of moments, then Mr. Moto revs his engine for you.

Please don’t be alarmed – with:
- The Mysterious Mr. Lorre
- Sol Wurtzel: The Forgotten Mogul
- The Dean of Hollywood: a conversation with Harvey Parry directed by Norman Foster

If you can stomach even more titles this week, then here’s the rest of the bunch. It should probably be considered a by-week, in terms of titles being offered and audience interest (I’m sure that V for Vendetta is the highest for this site’s readership). Still, you can’t go wrong with watching all three of Olivier’s Shakespeare films, now in a box by the fine folks at Criterion, or even crane your tennis-playing Devil neck as Witches of Eastwick is just repacked in an Amary case.



X-MEN LAST STANDOFFX-Men mythology has never been like a bible to me, even though the first X-Men was bogged down with the origins and the second lumbered with greatness. X-Men: The Last Stand (out on 10.03.06) takes that goodwill and crinkles it, downgrading everything that had been built up. Brett Ratner’s take throws every ridiculously odd situation in the narrative until it can’t really sustain itself. And we’re not even counting the numerous gaffes (like how Wolverine’s shirt manages in one shot to become whole again, even though, last time I checked, Hanes Tees didn’t have regeneration powers. Or even when Magneto lifts the Golden Gate when the sun is setting and less than 1-shot later it’s complete darkness). Devin mentioned in his review that “I hate mediocre films, and while Last Stand may end up closer to middling than it could have, it never feels like a film that was going for middle of the road,” while Dan Whitehead (in his review) says “[it’s] a maddeningly frustrating movie – one that shows glimmers of quality, even occasional greatness, only to smother that potential before it can be realised.” I would agree with both of them.

NOOOO! – with:
The Widescreen Regular Edition
- Commentary with Ratner and the Producers
- 10 deleted scenes
- 3 Alternate Endings with optional Ratner commentary
- Easter Eggs (with Beast reciting Shakespeare and the X-Jet in Washington, D.C.)
- Theatrical Trailers
The Widescreen Collector’s Edition engulfs everything above, PLUS:
- A 100-page commemorative book by Stan Lee himself.

Additionally, the three films will all be available in a Complete Trilogy on the same day.

NARNIA EXTENDEDThe Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe I found a flawed film. Andrew Adamson certainly ratchets up the tremendous sense of scope but seemingly appears to have trouble coaxing the same out of his fledgling British leads. I (and some pals of mine) equated them to wide-eyed Zombies, who wandered around reacting to the large set-pieces swirling around them. That quickly diminishes the film’s pulsating power. Plus, the heavy Christian allegory, to which one demented soul could easily turn into a drinking game – say “Jesus!” and shoot a shot every time Aslan rears his mane – was sometimes even a bit much. I was expecting Angels and choirs singing ‘Amen’ at points. Tonally, the whole narrative felt odd, and I have a feeling the previous factors played into my reading of it (except for arms-dealing Santa, of course). That doesn’t stop many from loving it, or even Disney from releasing both The Chronicles of Narnia: 4-Disc Extended Edition and a Giftset (out on 12.12.06), with enhanced footage and battle scenes. It now runs 150 minutes, bursting at the seams with both copious amounts of Zombies and Jesus.

This way for your num-nums – with:
- Feature Film: Extended Motion Picture (New extended version of the film with enhanced special effects and extended battle scene – 150 mins.)
- Commentary with Director Andrew Adamson and Actors Georgie Henley (Lucy), Skandar Keynes (Edmund), Anna Popplewell (Susan) and William Moseley (Peter)
- Commentary with Adamson, Production Designer Roger Ford, and Producer Mark Johnson
- Narnia Fun Facts
- Bloopers of
Disc Two
- Creating Narnia (with Chronicle of a Director, a personal diary, and The Children’s Magical Journey, a behind-the-scenes tour)
- Evolution of an Epic (with Anatomy of the Scene: The Melting River, the 8-part film diary Cinematic Storytellers, C.S. Lewis: From One Man’s Mind, and WETA’s Creating Creatures)
- Creatures, Lands & Legends (with Creatures of the World, Explore Narnia (3D Map), and Legends in Time)
Disc Three
- All new feature-length film – C.S. Lewis – The Dreamer of Narnia
Disc Four
- Visualizing The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe: The Complete
Production Experience
- Anatomy of a Scene: Behind the Battle
- Art of Narnia Gallery
- Theatrical Trailers

Note that the Giftset comes with everything above in addition to “a pair of heirloom-quality bookends” from WETA Ltd. That set will retail for about a hefty $80 doubloons.

I scream, you scream, we all scream for Black Rain: Special Collector’s Edition. That one arrives in its glory (complete with Ridley Scott commentary) on 10.10.06 (read what the MB’s are up in arms about here). Then, continually fuel your testosterone with Point Break: Pure Adrenaline Edition (when is Fox going to learn about special subtitling?) on 10.03.06. Finally, throw all of it out the window with the DVD artwork for the upcoming masterpiece Forbidden Planet: Ultimate Edition (which I mentioned last week is arriving on 11.14.06).


If he dies. He dies.

PUNISHERIt’s not true! Region Free DVDs have the secret of life. While it might be a bootleg life, filled with VHS-quality spliced into the theatrical cut, it does round out a nice little fist to the face called The Punisher: Director’s Cut. The spectacularly meanacing Dolph is the urban legend to haunt your dreams, but you already knew that. His take on Frank Castle might not be the right one, but after the silly remake it seems like the correct one. There might not be a skull, but there’s heart, dammit, and surely that accounts for something. Even it is being ripped out and served on a bloody platter. Endlessly quotable, prophetically engaging (“it’s a work in progress”), and thoroughly enjoyable (“grow up to be a good man. ‘cause if you don’t … I’ll be waiting”), I find Dolph’s skills almost mesmerizing. In a bad way, naturally. Still, as a Director’s Cut, it appears as if the company behind this one has spliced in multiple sources to create the new Punisher-vision. Expect an average VHS-like quality at best, or so sayeth the shining ones over at xploitedcinema.com.

Live … a long time – with:
- Uncut Anamorphic (16:9) Widescreen Version
- Fullscreen Workprint
- English and German audio options
- A photo and artwork gallery
- Trailers

This is a Region 0 PAL DVD that must be punished.

RED SHOES UKPowell and Pressburger’s The Red Shoes ranks high on my list. Splotches of color permeate their frame as dancers whirl around, creating dervishes of cinematic bliss. The shoes, the carefully composed frames, the fiery hair of goddess Moira Shearer. It’s also a film about art; how it is made, how it is cultivated, how one deals with their undying devotion. The filmmakers eschewed traditional casting and populated the film with real artists, further engaging the audience with realistic authenticity. It flourishes not only with the sense of realism but also within its cinematic borders. The eye-popping Technicolor cinematography by master Jack Cardiff is a milestone with its modern impressionistic swatches of brilliance. Each caveat informing the other, moving its feet, creating a film unlike any other. Why the UK is on the level with our Criterion Edition (buy it, like now, here) is for their inclusion of the new 25-minute documentary on the film. Scholars, filmmakers, and other assorted odds & ends come together to discuss the film’s repercussions on their life. The true test is for those who haven’t seen the film. It is more importantly, a masterpiece.

Well I don’t know exactly why, er, but I must – with:
- A new digital remastering (that sadly, still includes a dirty mono audial track)
- A Profile of The Red Shoes documentary (25 mins)
- The Ballet of The Red Shoes featurette
- Biographies
- Behind the Scenes Stills Gallery
- Theatrical trailer

This is a flippant Region 2 PAL DVD.

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the Dust
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House: Deluxe Edition
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of Brisco County, Jr.
(Dave’s DVD review),
of all Trades: Complete Series
, Amazing Stories: Season One, Tsotsi,
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Noir Classics Collection Vol. 3
(with Border Incident, His
Kind of Woman
, On Dangerous Ground, Lady
in the Lake
, The Racket, and a bonus disc with Film
Noir: Bringing Darkness to Light
), Warner Tough Guys Collection (with Bullets
or Ballots
, Each Dawn I Die, G Men, San Quentin, A
Slight Case of Murder
, and City for Conquest), Some
Like it Hot: CE
, Ultraman: Series One, Volume One, ATL,
Fighter II Animated SE
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, Incredible Hulk: Season One, Best-of
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DVDs – Jarhead, Producers, and Prime

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