Hard 4 (now known as Die Hard: Reset, but probably should be known as Die Hard: CTRL ALT DEL), the superfluous resurrection of the long-dormant series, is adding one of tomorrow’s most manly action stars to the cast: Justin Long will be joining Bruce Willis as they attempt to stop terrorists from destroying the internet, leaving America without a source for porn and pirated music.

This won’t be the first time Long has been teamed with a creepy older guy – he starred in Jeepers Creepers, after all. Long will be playing some kind of computer hacker who helps Willis in his attempt to stop the terrorists before they pwn America, returning this country to the Dark Ages, according to Production Weekly. Which I guess means America will be reforested and we’ll all wear feathers and warpaint! Nice!

As you know, Len Wiseman is directing this installment. In my opinion that’s a pretty solid choice if Fox is looking to sully the other films in the series. Although maybe what we’ll end up with is a series that has a reverse Star Trek element – all the even numbered ones stink.