So as it turns out, those interested in the high school years of Breaking Bad’s Jesse Pinkman, played by the Emmy-winning Aaron Paul, can get a small taste. It’s not a new mini-series, or a web featurette, or a feature film spin-off…

It’s a 2002 Korn video.

Before I lose you though, note that not only does this video for the band’s single “Thoughtless” star Aaron Paul as a scrawny high school kid with shitty facial hair and an attitude, but he’s also a marginalized loner who’s prone to sketching. And while there’s no Mr. White cameo (I’m sure there will be a cut on YouTube soon that does), we do see Jesse in the science lab and having problems at home.

And if all that doesn’t do it for you, well, skip to the end where you can see Paul/Pinkman pull a Carrie on his senior prom, except with projectile vomit and a painted hooker instead of blood and fire. I mean yeah, you’ll have to get through some nu metal to see it, but there’s always the “mute” button if you weren’t born between 1985 and 1990.

Take a look, and make sure you spread our article if you share this around…

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